16 oz Round Plastic Juice Bottles 38-DBJ l Oh Yes Plastics

Discover the Perfect Juice Container

Meet the ultimate game-changer for your juice business – the 16 oz Round Plastic Juice Bottles 38-DBJ from Oh Yes Plastics. These bottles are more than just containers; they're the key to preserving the vibrant flavors and nutrients of your freshly made juices, ensuring every sip is as delightful as the first.

Why Choose Our 16 oz Round Plastic Juice Bottles?

  • Elevate Your Juice Experience
  • Offer your customers a sleek and professional-looking bottle.
  • Enhance their overall experience with freshness, convenience, and style.
  • Preserve Freshness Like Never Before
  • Airtight 38-DBJ cap keeps air and contaminants out.
  • Maintain the quality, flavor, and nutrients of your juices.
  • Built for Convenience
  • Perfect 16 oz size for single servings.
  • Ideal for on-the-go consumption – at the gym, work, or a sunny day out.
  • Durability Meets Elegance
  • High-quality plastic ensures durability and lightweight design.
  • Crystal-clear plastic showcases the vibrant colors of your juices.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice
  • 100% recyclable bottles.
  • Make an eco-conscious choice without compromising on quality.

Transform Your Juice Business

Incorporating the 16 oz Round Plastic Juice Bottles 38-DBJ into your juice business isn't just a choice; it's a statement. It's a commitment to quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction. Elevate your brand, attract more customers, and watch your sales soar.

Are you ready to take your juice business to the next level? Choose Oh Yes Plastics and experience the difference these bottles can make.


Discover the perfect blend of style, durability, and freshness. Choose our 16 oz Round Plastic Juice Bottles 38-DBJ today!

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16 oz Round Plastic Juice Bottles 38-DBJ l Oh Yes Plastics

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Introducing our premium 16 oz Round PET Clear Juice Bottles, boxed for your convenience with 24 bottles per pack. Crafted for optimal functionality, these bottles are perfect for energy drinks, cold-pressed juices, or any refreshing beverage. Made from high-quality PET plastic, they offer both durability and clarity, ensuring your drinks look as good as they taste.


The round design facilitates easy handling and storage, while the secure cap guarantees leak-proof transportation. Whether you're a juice bar owner or a health-conscious consumer, these bottles are essential for keeping your beverages fresh and delicious. Elevate your drink experience with our 16 oz Round PET Clear Juice Bottles.




  • Material: PET
  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Packaging: Boxed


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